• What types of businesses would benefit from DEAR Academy?

    DEAR Academy is a great option for smaller businesses who are implementing DEAR on their own, or for those users who learn differently and require far more depth and structure from their learning material.

    With a curriculum as deep and involved as we've designed, certification via the DEAR Academy goes over and above what is typically on offer in the industry.

  • Can I get more hands-on assistance with my DEAR implementation?

    If your business has a more complex implementation or support requirement, we recommend working with one of our expert DEAR Partners.

  • What learning resources are available to me for free?

    DEAR Systems values education and support highly, and provides our Support, Knowledge Base and Tutorial Video Library free of charge to everyone.

  • How long can I access my course or bundle for?

    If you purchase an individual course, you’ll have 12 months of access from the date of purchase. If you purchase one of our Bundles, you will have access to the courses it contains without any time restriction, subject to our standard terms.

  • Can I upgrade a previous purchase to a Bundle or Company Account?

    If you would like to upgrade your previous purchase to a Bundle or Company Account, please contact us.

    We’ll need to know
    - The email address you registered with
    - The purchase you would like to upgrade from
    - Which bundle you would like to upgrade to

    From there, we’ll issue you with a single-use coupon code that will deduct the value of your previous purchase price from the value of the bundle to which you wish to upgrade.

  • What is a Company Account? Is it multi-seat? How does it work?

    Yes, a Company Account allows as many employees at your company to have their own access to the bundle being purchased. Here is how it works:

    - The user to pay the subscription is considered the Master User.

    - Once paid, DEAR Academy will be notified of the subscription and we create enrolment automation for your organisation. This can take a couple of days, and we'll notify you once it is complete.

    - Once enabled, anyone sharing the email domain of the Master User (usually @yourcompany.com or similar) will be automatically enrolled in the purchased bundle. All they need to do is create a free user account at DEAR Academy and the automation takes care of the rest.

    - Because this feature of DEAR Academy relies on a company's custom domain name, it is not available to users with email addresses supplied by Gmail.com, Outlook.com, or other similar public providers.

    - All users will keep their access while the monthly subscription is active. If it is cancelled, the Master User will retain access, but the additional users will lose access to the bundle when the current billing month ends.

  • If I preorder a course, when will my access period begin?

    If you preorder an individual course, your 12 months access will begin from the date the course content becomes available, not the date you preordered.

    Example: Jane preorders our Fundamentals course on May 30, but the course content becomes available on June 30. Jane’s 12 months access will begin from June 30.

  • When will more courses be released?

    As you can see from our full curriculum, there’s a LOT to get through. As such, we decided to stagger the release of other courses throughout 2021 to give our students some time to get through the foundation courses first.

    We’ll prioritise the release order based on two factors:
    - The number of businesses using a particular module in DEAR
    - Your feedback. If you’d like to request that a particular course be prioritised, please let us know.

  • What currency does DEAR Academy bill in?

    DEAR Academy only bills in USD.